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From quick fix to long-term solutions: a different approach to your health.

Maaike Thiadens, MD

I am a medical doctor with 20 years of practice. For me, treating symptoms and promoting whole health go hand in hand.
I will carefully listen to the story of your health, and then offer you natural solutions complementing your regular treatment.

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How my approach is different

I believe in integrative medicine. I take into account the treatments given to you by your conventional doctors, and then look for natural solutions specific to your individual needs and personal preference.

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What I will help you with

Your current problem as well as long-term well-being, combining different complementary treatments. I specialize in integrative woman's health, homeopathy, nutritional medicine and PNI (psycho-neuro-immunology).

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How the process works

I offer extensive consulting sessions with a personal approach and plenty of room to discuss your health concerns. Together, we will design a customized treatment plan for you.

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Area of expertise

I created Integrative Women's Health consultations because patients were often looking for natural ways to treat their symptoms, without using hormones or other drugs, and to keep up a healthy lifestyle while working and raising a family.

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Integrative women's health
Area of expertise

I will help you to take the right steps in order to give your body everything it needs to recover naturally. We will focus on nutrition, supplements, but also on stress factors and your environment. Even one change can create a positive ripple effect.

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Nutritional medicine
Area of Expertise

Efficient treatment aiming at the whole person, i.e. the combination of all the symptoms that occur. During the consultation, I carefully examine the patient's symptoms, physical and emotional, to find the remedy that will suit best their current health state.

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If you are a practising physician…

I have always worked closely with other health care practitioners in search of the best solution for each patient. I take in account the Dutch GP guidelines and explore where lifestyle changes and natural remedies can support the present treatment.

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For my fellow physicians
"A cheerful mind
Has always been a perfect guide
To a healthy body."
— Sri Chinmoy

The Netherlands not your home country? No worries.

I have a rich experience treating expats. I know the specific challenges their situation brings along, and I can adjust the treatment accordingly.

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I myself grew up as an expat in France and attended several international schools. I know very well what it feels like. Also, I have experienced myself that living in an unfamiliar environment requires even more care about one's being as a whole.

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I speak Dutch, English and French, and understand Spanish.

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The consultations will take place at two easily reachable locations of your choice close to the centre of Den Haag.

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Depending on your insurance plan, my services can be partly reimbursed by your Dutch or international insurance (such as Cigna or MSH).

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From my experience…

A few tips for your healthier life

Every now and then, I write down tips and experiences from my practice that may help you feel better — and enjoy your life more. Here are a few of them…

How to Relieve “Endo Belly”
Vivian Ward
How to Relieve “Endo Belly”

One of the most frustrating challenges that our clients with endometriosis face is how to relieve the chronic bloating known as “Endo Belly.”

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Meditation, an integral component of holistic health!
Anna Scott
Life Style
Meditation, an integral component of holistic health!

Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.

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