Homeopathy is information technology — like a tiny computer chip, it stores and transmits healing information. It is a safe and useful way to treat physical symptoms and works as a mind-body medicine, too.

Area of Expertise

Homeopathic remedies

In a homeopathic consultation, your symptoms are examined with great precision, both physically and emotionally, like measuring you for a custom-tailored suit. The goal is to find a remedy tailored to you as an individual, to cover a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Homeopathy has many benefits

A special dilution process creates “structured” or “coherent” water to store information from the starting substance (most often plants or minerals, sometimes animal or other substances). It has been diluted so many times that there are no measurable molecules of the starting substance left, making it extremely safe.

Homeopathy has many advantages:

  • There are no toxic effects
  • It stimulates and strengthens the body’s healing energy
  • It is especially well-suited for people who are extremely sensitive (to medications, environmental toxins, etc.)
  • Homeopathy can address emotional states, which when brought into balance, may support the body to heal itself
  • The remedies usually only need to be taken short-term even for chronic conditions — you will not be on a remedy for the rest of your life, as often with conventional drugs.

What is homeopathy used for?

Homeopathy is used for a wide variety of conditions in people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, and even for pets. It is especially good for hormone balancing in women and for physical conditions that express emotional stress, like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome.

Many times the homeopathic process helps people discover connections between their emotions, their life-traumas, and their symptoms. The homeopathic interview can be healing in itself even before the homeopathic medicine begins to work.

Again, healthy food and nutritional supplements are often needed as well. Think of the homeopathic remedy as re-installing the software for the body's healing energy, or for restoring the blueprint. If you need to repair a house, you will need the architect's drawings and also new building materials -- those are the nutritional supplements. A homeopathic remedy will have more difficulty alleviating menstrual cramps if the woman is not taking in a proper ratio of essential fatty acids, for example. A remedy can be used to reverse osteoporosis by "reminding" the body where to deposit calcium and other minerals. But it can't make minerals out of thin air. They need to come from a good diet and/or supplements.

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Common questions

Homeopathy is an area both fascinating and unique in its diagnostic and therapeutical methods. Here you can find answers to some common questions. If you did not find yours, don't hesitate to ask using my contact page.

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