Nutritional medicine and PNI

PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) studies the interactions between different systems in the body. Nutritional (orthomolecular) medicine finds solutions in healthy food and well-chosen supplements.

Area of expertise

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Understanding the mechanism behind your symptoms and diseases, and why they came about, is key to finding appropriate solutions. Once we find the underlying causes for your health condition, I will prescribe a customized plan for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Empowering you with education

Rather than receiving a standard protocol, you will acquire the tools to make good decisions yourself, based on the knowledge of how your body works.

  • how to eat healthily while standing true to your own preferences/ traditions
  • which foods serve as natural antioxidants and will help protect your cells
  • which foods give a boost to your energy metabolism
  • why others make your energy crash
  • how you feel after eating certain foods
  • how the colors, smells, and tastes of foods give a clue to their special healing properties
  • reading labels and smart shopping
  • when and how often to eat to help your digestive and immune system function optimally.

‘Digesting’ all this information will help you make informed food choices naturally … in fact it will help your body actually crave what is healthiest for it.

And how about exercise? You’ll be inspired to increase your exercise when you learn

  • how exercise can benefit the "energy-producing factories" in your cells
  • why squats and other major-muscle exercises do this best
  • which types of exercise fortify your immune system …
  • and which ones suppress it

And maybe most importantly, everyone has roadblocks to a healthier lifestyle, but they are different for each person.
You can share your issues …

  • long hours at work?
  • poor choices at your company’s cafeteria?
  • a spouse who can eat anything and get away with it?
  • gluten intolerance that leaves you with ‘nothing I can eat’?

We will work together and look for realistic, workable solutions that make sense to you and fit your lifestyle.

Going to the root cause of your condition

If you have specific health concerns beyond simply wanting a healthier lifestyle — conditions like women’s hormonal balancing, autoimmune diseases, migraines, digestive issues — the knowlegde of cPNI can help.

cPNI stands for ‘clinical psycho-neuro-immunology’, and as the name implies, it looks at the interactions of diverse body systems: not only the nervous and immune systems but also the digestive, endocrine, detox, and energy systems. It looks at the big picture of all these systems - plus the ‘psych’ or mind-body element, such as how a trauma in someone’s life history is related to the onset of a chronic condition.

We will look for the underlying causes, the mechanism of what went awry in your body and how to help your system to reset it.
The recommendations will include nutrient-dense foods, advice on how and when to eat them, and which foods to avoid.

We might also look at your ‘cupboard full of supplements’, analyze their benefits and interactions, and streamline your daily supplement plan.

Physical interventions or routines can involve exercise, massage, yoga, sauna.
Last but not least we will focus on your support system, ongoing stresses, your working conditions, and other factors that can derail your plan — or help you stay on track.

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Common questions

Here you can find answers to some common questions related to the complex field of proper nutrition. If you did not find yours, don't hesitate to ask using my contact page.

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